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Ahi Hawaiian

Style Poke




Ahi is a Hawaiian-style poke restaurant. Their branding is bold and colourful paired with clean stylized typography.


The Ahi Hawaiian Style Poke team wanted bright, bold, quirky colors and stand-out typography. For all their print materials as well as their social overlays color needed to be the main focus. They wanted something that wasn't overly modern but still brought their timeless product into the 21st century. 

Recognizable, clever, and fresh this brand stands out from its competition as well as provides beautiful social media content with their fresh batch of custom overlays. 

Ahi wants to invite people in for their amazing food and have them share their experience with memorable flavours and branding. 

All Projects

The logo itself needed to be iconic and different from what other restaurants in this space were doing. We wanted to play with fun letterforms and couldn't help ourselves but turn the negative space in the 'A' into a fish that matches the font aesthetic. This created a wonderful brandmark we were able to utilize for patterns and an icon when needed. 

Paired with a really clean sans serif (Gotham) which gives the logo stability and clarity which is carried out throughout the branding.

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