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Annata Trattoria

& Wine Bar




Annata is a classic Italian Trattoria that specializes in vintage wines and recipes that date back decades. 


The branding for this project was to focus on enhancing the ambiance that the trattoria has to offer. As well as being minimalistic and refined to show the upscale nature of all Annata has to offer.  

As well as designing multiple menus that are easy to edit, they wanted custom QR codes that flawlessly feature their menu for contactless sales. This brand was created with every little thing addressed to balance the brand like a Barolo. 

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The pictorial logo was derived from wooden wave style wine racks. Giving this overall logo some dimension as well as a tie back to classic wine aesthetic.


'Annata' is the Italian word that refers to a wines vintage, this logo needed to be classic, timeless and elegant. the colour choices were mostly black and white with a deep turquoise accent. The gold was later incorporated to hint at the high quality that this restaurant produces from their award winning menu. It is also reflective of their special wine list which is really the star of the show at Annata. 

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