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For Her Saké




For Her Saké was looking for an edgy standout brand design that really utilized old and new japanese traditions. They take classic saké practices and mix them with exciting new cocktail recipes. 

For Her Saké

The back bone to this project was the illustrations. Japanese culture really frowns upon tattoos due to the connotations that they presented in the past. We wanted to breathe life into this project by using the flash tattoo aesthetic as something fun and not as harsh or traditional as those aforementioned. Using only 2 colours which we called Raijū Red & Bishonen Blue that filled the graphic style with vibrance and distinction. 

The illustrations are so dense as it was intended to be used as a pattern. For Her Saké's interior is very minimal and relies on their cocktails and branding to do the heavy lifting visually. For the menu design we wanted to pair simplistic typography with the bold nature of the illustrations. Hinting at complexity balanced by minimal qualities. Just as every cocktail is perfectly balanced the design is intended to be as well. 

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The Logo

For the logo the 3 iterations are meant to compliment each other but allow for a variety of uses. They are considered the primary logo which is used most frequently, the secondary which is more for print materials and the brand mark which appears in the graphic pattern. 


The 'E' in Saké has an accent aigu which we reconstructed by simply removing the connector between the top of the letter to imply this. The red circle is a nod to the Japanese flag also adding a really nice flow back to the minimal qualities that were asked for regarding the logo and typography. The words written in Japanese characters simply read "saké". 

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