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Naturally Sassy

Naturally Sassy


Client: Jen Sivananthan

Naturally Sassy products have been designed to be no waste and reusable, while helping you unwind from the regularities we call our day. Naturally Sassy is a soy product company that creates candles and alternative paraffin treatments for hands and feet. 

The brief for this project was to create cohesive brand design that had 3 separate logos for every aspect of her business while maintaining one element that carried through all the Naturally Sassy logos and branding. 

The logo for this project was very feminine, natural and fluid. For this project I used a very elegant and earthy colour palette paired with a stark gold and white terrazzo pattern. The dog is a nod to her preexisting branding as well as local community initiatives. The leaf is suggestive of the natural properties of her products. The last mark is indicative of energy flow and fire.

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