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Sculpt Fitness

Sculpt Fitness


Client: John Anum

Branding for Sculpt Fitness had to be vibrant, bold, and powerful. In addition to brand development, website development, and social media management were required. 

The logo's geometric design depicts an ebb and flow that is conducive to the idea of movement and fitness. The bold neon teal colour adds more excitement to the overall identity, while still keeping it sleek and distinguished.

As this industry is saturated with gym and personal trainer brands such as Good Life, the website design ought to be easy to read, catch the attention of visitors immediately. Niche and private trainers are a luxury in the world of covid, and finding the right one is difficult enough without having to wade through badly designed websites as well. 

The clean and chic modularity of the site attracts people immediately, inspires them to engage with the brand and in turn gives clients faith that the services provided by the brand will be just as professional as its design.  

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