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Sweet Sushi

Sweet Sushi


Client: Maison ZOLTS

Sweet Sushi is a Toronto based bakery that makes sushi looking treats out of candy, chocolate and rice krispies! As well as many other delectable desserts such a pizza, tacos, cakes and pretty much anything your imagination can come up with!

For this project I was commissioned to make fun illustrations for their brand materials featuring their many different treats paired with creative concepts like a sushi steamboat. The overall aesthetic to the drawings are playful, child friendly but still boutique.

The brand pattern is used both in full or as individual illustration stickers to make a fun "pop" on gradient packaging.

Please note this is not the final branding and all rights are reserved to both Sweet Sushi and Maison ZOLTS.

Desi6n did not do the website design, only the illustrations, original logo design, and brand design.

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