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Creative Studio

I could not have asked for a better experience than working with Alandra at Desi6n creative studio. To her world class ability to translate my vision into visual and social content, she basically read my mind when it came to what imagery and copy I was looking for. My praises are endless. Desi6n is our first choice for all our graphic design needs. 

Howie Colt

Gone Sailing Adventures

There are many design firms, but few take your projects to the level of the designers at Desi6n. Alandra, not only takes the time to learn what is important to you and the work, but where it could go. She takes it from "where it needs to be - to where it could be". That's powerful in a design firm and is what makes their work standout and quite literally amazes our clients.

Gerry Lewis

Gerry Lewis INC.

Absolutely great service! If you need a fully encompassing design system done professionally I'd recommend coming here. Alandra, is very understanding and knowledgable and was able to deliver above and beyond what we were looking for. Lines of communication are always open throughout the process and the entire journey from start to finish was a smooth one. Definitely worth it and would do it all again in a heart beat! Thank you again!

David Lopez 

Arrivals + Departures

The world of business is saturated by bad design. When you rely on curb appeal and "instagramable" moments it can be hard to draw in the type of demographic your business is striving for. At Desi6n Creative Studio we bridge the gap between the wonderful services you offer to a beautiful brand design or marketing strategy that compliments your company's essence. Affordable brand solutions should still produce top-tier results.

Dream Team.

Alandra Jordan

CEO & Creative Director - see full bio

Sara Shiojima-Ali

Web Designer - see full bio

Marysa MacKinnon

Project Manager - see full bio

Tim Kowdys

We are Pineapple on Pizza People

That Specialize in Brand Development, Graphic Design, Visual Content Creation and Strategic Social Media Marketing.

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