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Canada in a Box




Desi6n was tasked with a logo touch-up for Canada in a Box. A Canadian subscription box that delivers premium goods right to your front door. 

Canada in a Box

For this project, we wanted to create a logo that was modern, clean, and classically Canadian.  By rounding the bottom of the maple leaf in the logo it created something that can stand alone and be recognizable as well as versatile. This Canadian subscription box delivers amazing products to your door every month. We wanted to complement their high-quality products with a logo that leans into minimal sophistication allowing all these brands to live in harmony under Canada in a Box.

The brand coloring, typography, brand look and feel as well as marketing materials and website are all created by Maison Zolts. All right reserved to Maison Zolts, and we maintain a partnership with this brand for all marketing outsourcing. For more information contact them directly at

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