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Mental health awareness to overcome, elevate and inspire your journey to wellness, and greatness.  

Heart of a Man

We were tasked with giving them a completely new image solving the problem that their target demographic did not relate to their old branding. (15-30 men, minorities, live in the city.) We took their old logo and turned it into an impactful statement, simplistic and powerful.

We wanted to create something modelled after sporting brands this demographic really resonates with in order to push spread their message and get people inspired, involved without shame around stigmatized mental health for men. 

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At Heart of a Man (HOAM), we advocate for men who are struggling with mental health challenges. They provide a healthy “open space” where men from “all walks of life” can find useful information, advice, and a supportive community, to help them overcome their inner struggles and understand the power of vulnerability. Their mission to destigmatize and transform how the world perceives mental health. Their goal is to create a safer and more inclusive future for sufferers everywhere.

Website design inspired by Desi6n Creative Studio brand guidelines, built and designed by Suvii digital marketing.

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