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Love Triangle Pizza




Love Triangle Pizza is an artisanal sourdough pizza brand that specializes in small-batch traditionally made confections. 

Love Triangle Pizza.

Sometimes we fall in love with the logos we make for our clients but they go in another direction. Which was the case for this sleepy cherub chubster. So we reimagined it into our girliest, punniest, sparkliest, pizza dreams. 

Introducing “Love Triangle.” The pizza place we all want and need. We are still obsessed with this concept brand for Love Triangle. Slice to meet you baby. Begging someone to make this for us and then provide free pizza for life!

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This logo was inspired by cherub angels and the feminine urge to state pizza as a personality trait on their tinder bios. The goal was to create a brand that was instagramable, novel, as well as delicious.  Great spot for Sunday brunch and girls' nights out.

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