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Logo Design


Alice Popovici




Branding for Popovici Family Law needed to be corporate, compassionate, and feminine.

Popovici Family Law

The logo's geometric line design depicts 2 letter P's reflected to create a column that connotes the law industry. Stylized to an elevated design to give the pictorial mark nice balance and a trendy, sleek aesthetic. 

As this industry is saturated with stuffy outdated designs we wanted to make something modern as well as timeless. Paired with a clean loosely tracked sans serif (the famous Montserrat) this logo has longevity as well as beautiful design.

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This project was done in partnership with Lepine Marketing

Nina’s vast experience in the financial services industry has been a great asset when developing our social media strategy.  It makes it easier to work with someone who understands our clients, and provides such important & relevant content.  

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