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Nina Taver




Taver consulting creates personalized online content based on your brand’s goals to give your business a voice on social media. 

Taver Consulting

Taver Consulting needed a brand and website redesign. Nina approached me with her social media management and consulting business that mostly targets corporate clients such as financial advisors and institutions, law-firms and accountants. 

Based on her demographic the website needed to be very easy to navigate, beautiful and professional. Her services include brand management, Marketing and design services tailored to social media strategies and content creation and print materials. 

All Projects

Taver Consulting's original logo was outdated and needed a facelift. It featured two people and a talking bubble. We boiled the concept down to being very simple with elements of the talking bubble as her brand mark. It was then deconstructed to make the top arch of her primary logo and the 'v' in her name as the bottom of the bubble. The colours were quite bright so we toned these down to attract an older and more analytical clientele and give the overall rebrand a softer appearance. 

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