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Creative Studio


Social media offers you the opportunity to connect with your audience while telling your story through content and design.


It allows you to showcase your unique brand expressions in a compelling way that sets you apart in your industry.


Consistency in all outputs is the hallmark of the best social media profiles. It is the easiest way to exhibit your brand and your services.


Having a beautifully designed feed is useless without engaging your audience. The hallmark of social media success is outreach.

From Likes to Love: Social Media solutions crafted with Strategy.

Why choose Desi6n?

Every aspect of our work is driven by creativity. We look beyond the bot approach of "promote it on xyz" when conceptualizing a niche strategy for your social media marketing. 


In order to achieve maximum engagement and effectiveness, we combine flawlessly designed posts with tone and outreach methods. We achieve this by integrating demographic psychology, flawlessly designed posts, and curated feeds, along with outreach tactics beyond the usual. In addition, we know how to optimize each social media platform to its full potential and believe in keeping aesthetics consistent across channels while tailoring posts for each one. A post on Instagram that generates leads might not be as effective on LinkedIn. 

Account Management

Post scheduling is only one aspect of account management. Identifying your best approach is a step-by-step process. The process starts with an internal brand audit, competitor analysis, industry/demographic research, and a tailored strategy. Using this information, we create a few campaign approaches for you to choose from.


As part of our campaigns, we use a tone of voice for copywriting, a cohesive design approach, and platform-specific SEO, as well as an ironclad post-frequency schedule. By having an overall campaign, you will not only unify your social media, but also expand outreach through daily engagement with your demographic through ads. 

Social Media Profile Curation 

After defining your goals and establishing your desired direction, we can begin the fun part. Our unique curated feeds are designed to get you noticed, be on brand, and stay on trend for years to come.  As we know, trends change frequently in the digital world of social media, but that's part of the fun! We will make sure to let you know if we see a trend that can benefit your company, and we will be able to utilize some of the amazing technologies available to us. For example, AR filters, videos, influencer outreach, and utilizing current hashtags can be used to attract new customers.

Customers can't find your company if they aren't aware of it. It is for this reason that social media marketing and design are so valuable in today's technologically advanced society. We are experts in this and know how to get you noticed and give you a social profile you will be amped to share.

We KNOW the power of strategic and emotionally impactful design. 

Social Media Portfolio

Add-on Services

Our clients can count on us to go the extra mile for them. Let us help you make your dreams a reality if you are not just looking to have a presence on social media but to dominate it.

AR filter creation

AR is a powerful tool. With the ability to bring your products and services from the real world into this platform you would be amazed with the "sharbility" factor that this generates.


Need tailored imagery? We have packages that include a photographer to capture your company and products in action! We pair with one of the top photographers in Toronto to give you jaw dropping images. 

Ad creation

As our founder has a background in advertising, this is our bread and butter. It helps you get more leads as well as utilize current trends in the most creative possible output.

Our Approach

Tired of posting things that only get 3 likes? Not attracting the right people to your page? Want to slay the dragon that is social media? That starts with finding a champion to fight this battle with you through strategy and know-how.

Social media management is the art of analyzing audiences and developing a strategy that’s tailored to you. As well as creating and distributing content for your social media profiles, monitoring online conversations, collaborating with influencers, providing community service, and monitoring, measuring, and reporting on performance and ROI.

Everything you post should be getting you results, leads or noticed. Do not just post for the masses, find your niche and let us blow that out to make content that will make a splash. Let us curate content and strategies that are just as unique as your business is.


Bare Bones

Starting at

$2,200 monthly

2 platforms, 2 posts a week, custom social media strategy, content calendar, 10 minutes daily engagement, 1 video a month.

Beyond Basic


Starting at

$3,000 monthly

3 platforms, 3 posts a week, custom social media strategy, content calendar, 30 minutes daily engagement, 2 videos a month.



Starting at

$4,500 monthly

All platforms, 4 posts a week, custom social media strategy, content calendar, 30 minutes daily engagement, 3 video a month, Access to our exclusives & add-ons.

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